Our Studios

Our studios are geared towards both 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes for music albums. Media Artists has always been the first to adopt new technologies and tools to enhance the flexibility and quality of the work done and industry experts recognize it as the best in the country today.

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Key Achievements

  • Media Artists studio is the first in the country to adopt mixing capabilities in Dolby® Atmos™, remastering the sound of AVM Productions’ Sivaji 3D starring Rajnikanth and directed by Shankar. Chief Sound Engineer Geeta M. Gurappa is the first engineer in the country to work on this new technology.
  • The Media Artists dubbing studio has commenced operations and completed three films - My Dear Chutty Chattan (Tamil) produced by Navodaya, 180 (Tamil) produced by SPI Cinemas and Aarohanam (Tamil) produced by PVP Cinema’s.


Movies Mixed at Media Artists

Sridhar Wins Grammy

H Sridhar(Late) H Sridhar, Chief Audio Engineer of Media Artists, won a Grammy in the category - Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media for his work in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

This award makes us very proud and reinforces our belief that he was one of the best audio engineers in the world with a very rare combination of creativity, technical know-how and the ability to understand and work with the needs of the composer and director.


Professionals Speak

“I am working in MA only because I want to work with Sridhar. And this is the place where he works. Sridhar mixed the sound for Rangeela, one of my earlier movies, and I liked his work in that. I like working here (Media Artists) it is a nice place.”

- Aamir Khan
Actor, ProducerAamir Khan